Recent Work – Stewartby Brickworks

We were commissioned to capture the demolition of the famous Stewartby Brickworks using our drone. This production was not as simple as many would think. There were four towers to capture and we were told there will be 2-3 minutes between each detonation. With a simple calculation we knew that to guarantee capturing the last tower going down that we would need to change the battery after tower three demolition.

To get a drone out the air, change the battery, reboot the drone and get it back in position in under three minutes was a real test! Thankfully we have plenty of drone practice at The Business Visuals so knew with a bit of calm we could get it done - and we did!

Live filming is always a pressure but a huge satisfaction when everything comes together, especially when you get to witness this historical event from the air. A great drone shoot to have been asked to produce.