Recent Work – Brewpoint

This was a huge project and not one, as far as we can tell, been attempted before. The client (Brewpoint) wanted us to capture the complete build over time. Rather than use traditional time-lapse cameras, which are fixed to some scaffolding, and take pictures daily with the end result speeded up in post production. We wanted to create something different. It was agreed to position the drone in the same place and height on certain parts of the build (where there had been some significant visual change) and then to record 10 seconds or so of normal video and then "dissolve" each of these clips at the end of the project into the next one. This resulted in a far more natural feel to show the process of the build as no speeding up was required as in traditional time-lapse techniques, which we have all seen many times before over the years.

This different approach to showing the progress of the build created a much softer and realistic demonstration of different critical stages to the build. There were certainly some challenges in the winter in particular keeping the drone in the same position but with some clever editing techniques, making use of all that 4 K resolution, we were able to line each shot up with the next to create, what we think, is a very original way of showing a build from start to finish.