Recent Work – Bletchley Park

This production was certainly intense! We were given just two hours to film all the footage before any public arrived for the day. This two hour window was to include drone footage as well as a ground camera on a gimbal and also a slider. In order to take maximum benefit of the time we had, it was decided to have as much set up as possible before the shoot. We certainly did have to get a good pace of walking on between locations to ensure we captured everything on the shot list.

What a wonderful place Bletchley Park is, reaped in history and with an over all sense of pride coming from all that now work there and look after this magnificent history.

We were really happy when we got back to the editing studio on looking at all the footage. For just a tiny shooting window of two hours we hopefully got the beauty of this place into the eyes of the viewer. One of our favourite video productions to date.